about ​us

.​Alberto Morales

Lead Mechanic

Master Welder


Michael Allen Thompson​Superintendent


Established in 1995, Advance Backhoe Services was founded by Joseph Urias on family principles that have stood the test of time for over twenty years.  These days our company is stronger than ever. Boasting a diverse and talented workforce, we posses the skills, experience and technology to propel you and your property into the future.

Arthur Nations

​Yard Forman

Paving and Sealcoat Specialist


Willam Hand

​Project Forman

​Heavy Machinery Coordinator


our ​Founder

1995- Advance Backhoe Services founded.

2001-Started Broken Horn Productions. (roping arena)

2013- Expanded operations and changed to Advance Excavating and Paving.

2016-Advance Aeronautic Images brings drone technology to the Advance family companies.

our ​History

Joseph Urias & Family.

Our Leadership Team

Advance Excavating & Paving, L.P.

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